Wednesday, April 29, 2009



1 Bag of frozen jumbo shrimps (easy peeled)
2 Boxes of Pasta Roni's white cheddar pasts shells
1/2 Bag of mixed vegetables ( California Style)
Chopped onions
2 Jalapeno peppers (chopped)
Butter or Margarine
1 Tbsp of chopped garlic or garlic powder
2 Tsp of Caviar
Seasonal salt or salt & pepper
Olive oil or regular oil
Spicy mustard
Tilapia fish
Cayenne pepper
Lime pepper season

First take the onion & bellpepper cut in half, then cut into smaller chunks. Next take two jalapeno peppers
& chop them into smaller chunks to. Now find a medium size pot and follow the instructions on the boxes of
Pasta Roni & while thats going on find another pot for the frozen mixed vegetables & add just enough water &
two tbsps. of butter or margarine & let cook down for for about 30 miutes or so. Start taking the thawed shrimps & remove the tail hulls from the shrimps & once that is done cut into halves, this will make more to cook. Take a skillet put the shrimps into the skillet & cook on medium heat until the shrimps start to have pinkish color, after that drain the water off the shrimps & then keep adding slices of butter mixed with the seasonal salt, cayenne pepper, & tyme. Next add about two tbsps. of flour & stir into the butter & and shrimps to make a rue. While cooking the pasta shells add the mixtures of chopped onion, bellpeppers, jalapenos, & caviar with the pasta shells & cook down for a few minutes. Once the pasta is finished add the vegetables, make ssure that the veggies are seasoned & now add the shrimps & chopped parsley stirred all together & add
a little more seasoning to the pasta& remove from the stove. For the sauce for the fish all you need is 2/3 cup
oil, 2/3 cup of spicy mustard tsp, tsp. of chopped garlic, chopped onion & bellpepper. Also add seasonal salt for flavor & stir all together for desired taste, if to bitter add a little more seasonal salt. Take a skillet fry the sections of fish on both sides with the olive oil, once frying all of the fish sections pour the sauce that you have just made & put into the stove set on 350 degrees for about 15 minutes or so. Now put it all together and
and their you have it "MAGNIFIENCE".

First make sure to cut the onion & bellpepper in half & then chop both of them into smaller chunks. Next start
chopping two jalapeno peppers & mix all the ingredients together. Now

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